Don't trade your kingdom for a horse.

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Virtual supermarkets are popping up in subway stations in South Korea, where commuters can virtually shop for items while waiting for the train to come. Customers simply scan an item’s QR code using the free “Homeplus” app and can have it delivered to their doorstep before they even get home. Ranked as the 2nd most hard-working country in the world to Japan, South Korea is rewarding its workers with this timesaving gem.

Wow! I kinda love this idea.

literally the future

this is some total recall shit i fuckin love it

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hey kid wanna see a magic trick *reaches behind your ear* ready? *rips your ear off* where’d it go

I’m so mad you didn’t say “where’d it van gogh?”

You cut off your ear one time, and that’s all anyone remembers about you.

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Filed under Seriously. The man was a great artist that suffered from depression. His life was tragic and his art worth remembering. He was far more than an ear.